Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Generally we dance in sets of four couples. We dance quick time dances – jigs and reels – and also strathspeys which have a slower tempo. Steps used in these dances are taught at our weekly club nights. Scottish Country Dancing isn’t Highland Dancing, which is often danced solo and has more intricate steps.

2. I’m looking for a fun way to exercise. Will Scottish Country dancing help?

Scottish Country Dancing offers exercise for the brain as well as the body, plus lots of social interaction. While many styles of dance offer a fun way to improve physical fitness, Scottish Country Dance has to be near the top of the list when it comes to combining aerobic exercise with mental challenge.

3. Where does the word Saltire come from?

The Saltire is the national flag of Scotland – a white Saltire, or St Andrew’s cross, on a blue background.

4. Do I need to be Scottish?

There are a few Scots in our club but the vast majority of our members and indeed those who attend other groups in Yorkshire are not Scottish.

5. Do I need to come with a partner?

Not at all, there is no need to come with a partner; everyone dances with everyone else during the evening; that is part of the fun.